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how to seek inspiration

This isn't a guide per say, but a logical, realistic approach to mind control. Don't read this if you expect a 10 step process on how to sit down and get work done. If you like to be a realist, read on.

In a world of constant distractions, you might think that inspiration could magically strike you as you binge watch, scroll though Instagram, or try every single filter on Snapchat - twice in a row (guilty). However, as ideal as that would be, given we aren't referring to the rare overnight viral sensation; it definitely isn't realistic. The idiom "bring your A game" still stands true for the average person. You need to work hard, and I mean REALLY hard, focus all your energy into manifesting your dreams, and most importantly you need to look in the right places, sounds like what every parent has ever said right? Well they were onto something.

While social media, the internet as a whole, and technology, have been a saving grace for many of us, do make sure you are using it right. There comes a point when dwelling over someone's feed, work, or copying success stories else step by step will become ineffective. That being said, originality is in how you present an idea not necessarily what the idea is. People have been feeding off of each other for centuries, and there is no such thing as a completely novel idea, so don't beat yourself over it. This isn't an excuse for blatant plagiarism obviously, but don't be shy to be inspired by someone else's work, you'll only procrastinate while waiting for the perfect, most original concept to strike you which will exhilarate audiences everywhere. Be realistic, we all have to start somewhere to get somewhere.

Finding your own voice is a big part of seeking inspiration, and probably the hardest. If you are self critical like me, you'll constantly look at your work with a turned up nose. It's ok, you might be right, it sucks, but do it anyway, success is to achieve, you've achieved by completing a task to the end, no matter how it turns out to be. That's not to say eating three cheeseburgers in a row is an achievement, but hey whatever floats your boat eh? Most importantly, be authentic and genuine, find the things that make you tick, and then be inspired by others who have made a success out of a similar concept.

Often, I find that many fall in the trap of thinking they want to be exactly like another writer, celebrity, chef, guru, singer, before deciding if their hearts are actually in it. That's ok, it's all about trial and error, just as long as you are being honest with yourself about what your goals and ambitions are, no matter how shallow, naive, or downright crazy they may seem to others.

Final tips; first the next time you use your usual inspirational tools for "research" own up to the fact that you are procrastinating. There is time for a bit of everything, and when you just need a moment to unwind, DON'T, and I mean it, don't use that time to 'seek further inspiration', you'll only drain your brain with never-ending unfulfilled potentials. Go off and do something completely unrelated. Second, no one will make your dreams happen for you, at least not dreams with substance and longevity. Third, add your own flavour to stand out; you'll be different when you find your voice, you are the reason for your success, an idea on its own is completely useless if not for you.

And always, always remember; no pain, no gain.


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